How to use DeStreet

DeStreet is accessible natively from your Solana Saga phone or through the Solflare, Phantom, or Backpack mobile browsers. Download the app in the Solana Mobile dApp store or navigate to to connect your wallet and create or join a trade.

What does DeStreet do for traders?

  • DeStreet enables traders to easily launch, manage, and invest in short term trade insights. It is the most effective way to create a trade, share a trade setup, and allow others to join your trade (provide capital). No more using disparate socials like Telegram and Discord groups. As the initiator, traders receive 20% of the total profit generated. If a trade does not generate profit, there are zero fees and deposits are returned proportionally to investors.

  • DeStreet is also the best way to build your reputation by showcasing your PnL through a proven historical record on the Solana blockchain. Build a high win rate, drive strong PnL, and properly manage risk — leading to more investors choosing your trade ideas as their first choice.

What does DeStreet do for depositors?

  • DeStreet offers the simplest way for depositors to join a trader’s trade. You simply find a trade idea you’d like to join, select the amount, and click enter to provide the capital.

  • The trader now executes the trade, manages any entry orders, and after the conditions are met, exits the trade. DeStreet’s program then distributes the profits back to your wallet!

  • Soon, subscriptions will allow you to automatically join a specific trader’s trade whenever she proposes one.

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