DeStreet Overview

Welcome to DeStreet’s Documentation. Email us at if your question is not answered below.

DeStreet is on a mission to make the financial world accessible to everyone. We believe the future of finance is decentralized and social — it’s more fun with friends.

DeStreet is a non-custodial dApp built on Solana that enables traders to share their trades with others. Propose a trade and invite others to join by simply sharing a link. Or discover and join open trades with a few quick clicks — all from your wallet.

Download the DeStreet dApp on your Saga phone to start trading!

DeStreet is in beta. Use with caution. As we iterate the beta tag will be removed in the coming months. Pools currently have a max capacity of $1,000 and trade length of 60 days.

Why build on Solana?

  • DeStreet is meant for the everyday user. Solana provides speed, minimal fees, and scalability. More importantly, the Solana community is working to build NASDAQ on the blockchain — and is full of highly intelligent builders and traders. We hope to give these users a great mobile experience and make their trading a lot easier and a little more fun.

  • DeStreet is non-custodial. This means that when you create a trade, you are creating a pool on Solana that prevents the trader from withdrawing or trading assets other than the ones selected. When you join a trade you are depositing into this pool and an onchain timestamp ensures that regardless of the trade, all remaining funds will be returned to the depositors at the trade expiry.

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